Kai Limberger – Daydreamcatcher

After several releases for the new project “Six Inch Voodoo”, Autark’s labelhead Kai Limberger comes through with brandnew solomaterial. Showing his production skills with this threetracker. One tune for a differnet occasion. You seldom get that variety on just one release.

“Daydreamcatcher” is an easy going warmup tune. A quality start for the evening. Clubbers get in the club, aim for the bar, order a drink and start tapping their feet to this jazzy little groover.

A good keyword by the way, as the second track is called “Grooveathlete” and really does live up to it’s name. Sporty and bouncy, but also adding a certain deepness to your prime time hustle. The perfect tool to keep dancers where they belong without pushing the limit too obviously.

Last but not least is “Flowergirl”. A track inspired by many of those great synthie pop bands of the 80’s. The neat little melody is the best way to greet the morning sun after a long night in favourite club. It will stay in your ears long after the last track has ended and accompany you home with big smile in your face.

Artist: Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK27
Release date: 2013/03/07

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