Kriece, Kai Limberger – Ginger Explosion

After a while, the Australian producer Kriece returns to release another big one on autark. The kickdrum slams like no other and all kinds of wicked sounds work their way through your brain. Giving you a nice cold shiver down your spine which you will need, cos your feet start to burn, urging to move to this tight banger. Autarks don, the never sleeping Kai Limberger takes the spirit of the original and transforms it into a bizarre ride to Farside. His remix is a trippy experience with enough drive to keep you hardsteppin all night long. This brilliant two tracker defines what Autark’s sound of the moment is: Fat techhouse tunes with a hypnotic twist. Definitely aiming for peaktime usage. Booom!

Artist: Kriece, Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK31
Release date: 2013/07/11

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