Various Artists – The 30th Release Anniversary

Phheeeew! We ourselves can’t believe that our baby has grown 30. From the first release to this magic number has been a long journey, with many obstacles to overcome. But now we here and proud as fu*k. As your support is present enough for us, we want to give something back to you. A nice little compilation of artist that have already released on autark and some fresh new talent. Aim of our selection is to cover all styles of electronic music that this label is all about. Straight up house music with deep’n techy edges, the way y’all like it.

Thanks to all music connaisseures at home and the DJs doin their bit every weekend that made us come so far. This is for you!

Artist: Various Artists
Cat. no: ARK30
Release date: 2013/06/20

01. (we are sorry, but the artist has revoked the distribution rights)
02. Simon Gaertner – Mexican Stoned Pilot
03. Marcelo Panero – Hay Tabla
04. Johnny Lamar – Shibuya
05. Kai Limberger – Karamba
06. Six Inch Voodoo – JB’s
07. Gebrueder Tohmé – Blow Up
08. Six Inch Voodoo – Troubleshooter (Kai Limberger Edit)
09. Danjo – Una Mattina Siciliana

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