Six Inch Vodoo – Mellow Mellow II

With the last release in their thirties Autark unleashes the beast once again by dropping some hot Six Inch Voodoo shizzle. Wobbly bassline, synthie sparks and and some alien voice telling you to move butt are the ingredients of this really deep banger. Properly placed in the first third of the evening this will pave the way for a deep and dirty evening. Inhale! On the flip you will find Yoikol. The latest member of the ever growing Autark family and delivers a tasty Techhouse remix of the Original. This one is definitely jacking and pumpin, reminding us of the good old days where house was just house and no one had problems finding a drawer to his/her music to fit in, cos there simply was just one. Well done mate!

Artist: Six Inch Voodoo, Yoikol
Cat. no: ARK39
Release date: 2014/02/20

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