Larsen Factory – Altalena

coverark58_200This is it. The next tune of Larsen Factory on Autark Records. „Altalena“ is the name of the track. Larsen Factory goes big on this one. A fat bassline and hammering percussions reminding a little bit of an older smasher but this one definitely stands alone. After massive play of the previous Larsen Factory tracks by many globally pimpin DJ’s this one will once again hit those crates again. To top this you’ll get four dope remixes by Ricky Syfer, Johnny Lamar, Israel Kling and label head Kai Limberger. Check this out cos you’ll never get more bass value than this!

Artist: Larsen Factory, Johnny Lamar, Ricky Syfer,
Israel Kling, Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK58
Release date: 2015/09/25

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