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Israel Kling – Right Now

„Right Now“ is representing Israel Kling´s rhythmically music productions built on loop-driven beats. The kick off release in 2017 is getting remix support by Johnny Lamar and Kai Limberger.

Johnny and Kai had a massive year with their „Sunset House“ events. It was about time to get the autark train rolling again.

Artist: Israel Kling,  Johnny Lamar & Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK65
Release date: 2017/04/28

Johnny Lamar & Kai Limberger – Mona Lisa Overdrive


Johnny Lamar with „Mona Lisa Overdrive“. Another banger deep out of the winery! We think there are no more words needed. he did it again!


Artist: Johnny Lamar, Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK64
Release date: 2016/09/23

Thorsten Karger – Unisex


Autark presents Thorsten Karger with his second release “Unisex”. Thorsten Karger created a deep and seducing house tune. It reminds of a contemporary re- interpretation of dubby sounds! The first remix comes from new faces in the Autark roster, TAN-DEM, and is burning down the roof! The second remix comes from Johnny Lamar and Kai Limberger (no more words needed here). They take the original in a more playful track with a lot of melodic parts.

Artist: Thorsten Karger, TAN-DEM, Johnny Lamar & Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK63
Release date: 2016/08/12

Johnny Lamar & Kai Limberger – Riesling Power

coverark61_200And so it continues. After the massive support of Johnny´s lates releases on Autark Records, Johnny and Kai decided to collaborate.

As you might know Mr. Lamar is also a winegrower and created a “Autark Riesling”.
Riesling needs acid,… so you can imagine in where their journey took them.

Artist: Johnny Lamar, Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK61
Release date: 2016/03/21

Larsen Factory – Be Your Power

coverark60_200In order to celebrate catalogue number 60, we whipped up something extra special! Since their last releases on Autak Records Larsen Factory have flawlessly transitioned from newcomer to rising star. Here they are with „Be Your Power“. Three bouncy tracks that with various sound elements triggering even the most hidden sensory nerves. Hard to choose which one fit´s best for you! Have fun and enjoy them all!

Artist: Larsen Factory
Cat. no: ARK60
Release date: 2015/11/30

Israel Kling – Be Back

coverark59_200Whoomp there it is … the next slammer from Israel Kling, „Be Back“. The last track he did for Autark Records was a total success for this still growing label and was supported by the likes of many big names.

On remix duty this time we have Joshua Puerta, Mr. Johnny Lamar and our boyz from the north-east of Italy, Larsen Factory.

Artist: Israel Kling, Joshua Puerta,
Johnny Lamar, Larsen Factory
Cat. no: ARK59
Release date: 2015/11/16

Larsen Factory – Altalena

coverark58_200This is it. The next tune of Larsen Factory on Autark Records. „Altalena“ is the name of the track. Larsen Factory goes big on this one. A fat bassline and hammering percussions reminding a little bit of an older smasher but this one definitely stands alone. After massive play of the previous Larsen Factory tracks by many globally pimpin DJ’s this one will once again hit those crates again. To top this you’ll get four dope remixes by Ricky Syfer, Johnny Lamar, Israel Kling and label head Kai Limberger. Check this out cos you’ll never get more bass value than this!

Artist: Larsen Factory, Johnny Lamar, Ricky Syfer,
Israel Kling, Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK58
Release date: 2015/09/25

Amorgos – Zeitgeist

coverarkx08_200Amorgos are the producers Michael Lorenz and Kai Limberger. they have started a music collaboration in 2009 after meeting through a friends company. .. .. Michael has done a bunch of studio jobs as guitar player and was part of a band project around uwe ochsenknecht as lead singer and ralf zang (producer of jule neigel) on the keyboards. furthermore, he has worked intensively as a studio musician with peter seiler (tritonus) on advertising jingles and performed on several of peter’s new age albums. they also produced and played a common album in the new age area called ‚passage‘ which was released worldwide in 1990 by ice records. in 1990 peter and Michael were the top act of the U.K. electronica. Michael’s roots are rock, funk and blues but he also got thrilled by modern music directions such as new age, house, drum’n base and others. .. .. The other guy does not need to be introduced anymore. together, Michael and Kai decided to start a collaboration with focus on combining acoustic and electronic elements to show their own perception of chillout and lounge music. and this is what happened: 10 relaxed and quality tracks that resurrect the beach holiday in the living room in a unique way.

Artist: Amorgos
Cat. no: ARKX08
Release date: 2015/08/27


Ricky Syfer – Ouff!

coverark57_200And so it continues. After the massive support of Ricky Syfer’s “Ouff!” on the Autark50 Compilation we decided to let other artists put their hands on this track. The first remix comes from Joshua Puerta. His latest Tracks he did for Autark need no more words. Remix number two comes from our man Mr. Lamar and number three from our Italian duo Larsen Factory and Remix number four from Kai Limberger. He transformed the track, added some shakers and changed the bassline to add his own signature. Youll definitely never get more bass value than this!

Artist: Ricky Syfer, Joshua Puerta, Johnny Lamar,
Kai Limberger, Larsen Factory
Cat. no: ARK57
Release date: 2015/07/30

Kai Limberger – Fly That Bird

coverark56_200Whoomp there it is … the next slammer from Kai Limberger, „Fly That Bird“. The last releases have been a total success for this still growing label and were supported by the likes of many big names.

On remix duty this time we have a new face, Israel Kling. After dwelling in the underground for some time, he ́s now a ready to break through and deliver a more technoid approach with just the perfect dose of understatement.

Second there are our boyz from the north-east of Italy, Larsen Factory. Watch out for this duo as they will soon kick in the doors.

Artist: Kai Limberger, Israel Kling, Larsen Factory
Cat. no: ARK56
Release date: 2015/05/25