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Son-Tec – Don´t Touch The Robot Remixes

coverark53_200And so it continues. After the massive support of Son-Tec´s „Don´t Touch The Robot“ on the Autark50 Compilation we decided to let other artists put their hands on this track.

The first remix comes from Joshua Puerta. His latest Track he did for Autark “Constanza” was already stunning. Here he is and shows you, where he touches the robot.

Remix number two comes from our wine specialist Mr. Johnny Lamar. He winds up the track in his typical Lamar-Style. Remix number three comes from Kai Limberger. He transformed the horns, added some shakers and alienated the bassline that´ll keep you awake all night long! You´ll definitely never get more bass value than this!

Artist: Son-Tec, Joshua Puerta, Johnny Lamar, Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK53
Release date: 2015/03/26

Joshua Puerta – Constanza

coverark52_200And again we have new faces in our roster! Autark welcomes warmly Joshua Puerta, as well as Mr Hang Solo and Mr Over Load from the agile and humorous duo Hang&Over. On top we have the “partners in crime” Johnny Lamar and Kai Limberger on this release. “Constanza” is the name of Joshua´s original, which got chopped up 3 times in a different way, but each version is still focussing on the dancefloor. Hard to choose which one fit´s best for you! Have fun and enjoy them all!

Artist: Joshua Puerta, Johnny Lamar, Hang&Over, Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK52
Release date: 2015/02/26

Mioh – Under The Roof

coverark51_200From deep house to dubby techno, Mioh is back with a long awaited remix by Johnny Lamar – still hitting the point! „Under The Roof“ is one of Mioh’s darker and more contradictory tracks from the latest Autark compilation.

Johnny Lamar fluffs up Mioh’s “Under The Roof“ in his remix with bouncier bass lines, as well as a few other surprises and samples.

Artist: Mioh, Johnny Lamar
Cat. no: ARK51
Release date: 2015/01/29

Autark 50

coverark50_200In order to celebrate catalogue number 50, we whipped up something extra special! Most of the tracks are previously unreleased and produced by good friends, Rhein Main-Neckar residents, label newcomers, or just people we, in fact, personally know (or a combination of the above mentioned). It is our way to say thank you to all label afficionados for the support you gave us in the last years and making our efforts and our „investment“ of lifeblood, time and money worthwhile. We really appreciate your company along the way.

We’d also like to thank all artists who participated on this project, to make it happen. Many already had or will have a catalogue number of their own in the near future. So watch out! Hopefully we hit your spots and you enjoy this release as much as we do. Next big thing will be our 60th relase. So please continue showing love for the label and we promise to keep up with the everyday hustle to satisfy you here at Autark.

Artist: Various Artists
Cat. no: ARK50
Release date: 2014/12/11

01: Mioh – Under The Roof (Original Mix)
02: Kai Limberger – The Haegedy (Original Mix)
03: Thorsten Karger – Barcode (Original Mix)
04: Danjo M. – Camino Del Etna (Original Mix)
05: TYA – Chimesmo (Original Mix)
06: Johnny Lamar – Fucking Dirty Waitress Bitch (Original Mix)
07: Pulsek – Inmensidad (Original Mix)
08: Ricky Syfer – Ouff! (Original Mix)
09: Son-Tec – Don`t Touch The Robot (Original Mix)
10: Monthy Nolan – Spieces Of Spaces (Original Mix)
11: Tolga Top – Pimp2Pimp (Fitsch Remix)
12: Marcelo Cura – 7th Sky (Original Mix)
13: Larsen Factory – Orange Clouds (Original Mix)
14: Kriece, Shamatha – Whiteout On Tundra (Original Mix)

Kai Limberger – Bad Company

coverark49_200Title track „Bad Company“ lands heavily with a punching strong kick drum and shows you Kai´s signature. It’s grounded in the here and now. „Featherweight“ brings all of the elements together with a strong melodic bass line and punch kick. There is something for everybody in this package and it will definitely get you moving…

Artist: Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK48
Release date: 2014/11/27

Kai Limberger – Mugshot

coverark48_200What we got here is a fine piece of bouncing electronic shit that will blow you neatly through the ears. As someone that wears many hats, including DJ, label owner and producer, Kai Limberger has certainly been juggling them all very successfully this year. no reason for him to rest! „Mugshot“ is the name of the track, that got remixed twice by a new face in the autark roster, …. no one other than Marcelo Cura! Marcelo shouldn´t be a stranger to the scene and we can look forward to further outrages on Autark Records!

Artist: Kai Limberger, Marcelo Cura
Cat. no: ARK48
Release date: 2014/11/13

Thorsten Karger – Desire

coverark47_200Autark presents Thorsten Karger with his first release and opens up a new horizon. Be prepared for “Desire”. Thorsten Karger created a deep and seducing house tune. It reminds a of a contemporary re-interpretation of dubby sounds! The first remixcomes from Johnny Lamar, his latest remix for Sven Kerkhoff´s “Raw Doom” was burning down the roof! The second remix comes from Kai Limberger, he takes the original in a more playful track with a lot of melodic parts.

Artist: Thorsten Karger, Johnny Lamar, Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK47
Release date: 2014/10/30

TYA – What!?


This Deep House heavy record brings a sense of euphoria with classic House style pads and modern basslines that roar with excitement. TYA takes inspiration from his music taste and fuses it together flawlessly to create his own version of Deep House. TYA’s follow up to “People Melting Down”, brings us a more up beat experience without ever losing his signature sound. The Remix comes from Kai Limberger. He takes the original, speeds things a little up, subtracts the space ingredient but adds a techy house feeling that aims directly for the primetime.

Artist: TYA, Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK46
Release date: 2014/09/25

Vedda & Tholen – Compression Remixes

coverark45_200After the massive support of the last release we decided to let other artists put their hands on this track. The first remix is from Wilian Kraupp. The last remix he did for Son-Tec´s “Let The Bass” was totally insane. Remix number two is from Johnny Lamar. His latest remix of Sven Kerkhoff´s “Raw Doom” was dropped few times at Amnesia Ibiza by several Artists. The third remix comes from Kai Limberger, already got released with the original track last month.

Artist: Vedda & Tholen, Wilian Kraupp, Johnny Lamar, Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK45
Release date: 2014/08/28

Vedda & Tholen – Compression

coverark44_200And again we have new faces in our roster. Vedda and Tholen from Bremen with their debut “Compression“ on Autark Records and a remix by label head Kai Limberger.



Artist: Vedda & Tholen, Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK44
Release date: 2014/07/31