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Sven Kerkhoff – Raw Doom

coverark43_200The next Autark Release comes from Sven Kerkhoff with “Raw Doom“ and some banging Remixes by Frau Schwarzmann, Johnny Lamar and our Friend from 808 Records, Yoikol



Artist: Sven Kerkhoff, Frau Schwarzmann, Johnny Lamar, Yoikol
Cat. no: ARK43
Release date: 2014/06/26

Son-Tec – Let The Bass Remixes

coverark42_200And so it continues. After the massive support of Son-Tec´s debut on the Autark40 Compilation we decided to let other artists put their hands on this track. The first remix is by Wilian Kraupp. The last remix he did for Tolga´s Pimp2Pimp was already stunning. Here he is and shows you, how he let´s the bass.

Remix number two is from Kai Limberger. He alienates the vocal, added some shakers and injects another bassline with a poison that´ll keep you awake all night long! You´ll definitely never get more bass value than this!

Artist: Son-Tec, Wilian Kraupp, Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK42
Release date: 2014/05/29

Tolga Top – Pimp2Pimp Remixes

Nearly no release without a new face in the Autark roster. This time we like to welcome the Berlin resident Tolga Top. Being relatively new to the production scene, he has a short but already very nice discography. „Pimp2Pimp“ is strictly house music with a twist. Claps and sounds waving back and forth plus a driving organ-like loop melody. All topped of with a fitting vocal and there you go. A breeze of cool air in your set that will probably work best at the interface of prime time and the early morning hours. Judge yourself. You won’t be disappointed either way! Second first-timer on Autark is Wilian Kraupp with a massive remix. Going into a more techy direction, this tune will do more damage than eating an Iceberg Slim backhand. This is straight up electronic music, bitches! Remix number two is from Kai Limberger (does that guy ever sleep?). He transforms the original into a jumping techhouse groover. With a spacy keyboard area laid over, it will open your mind while you’re giving the dancefloor an intense foot massage. To complete this superb release you’re also getting the dub version of the original.
Pimpin is easy…

Artist: Tolga Top, Wilian Kraupp, Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK41
Release date: 2014/04/24

Autark 40

coverark40_200In order to celebrate catalogue number 40, we decided to once again put out a compilation of the sound we personally dig here at Autark headquarters. Most of the  tracks are previously unreleased and produced by good friends, Rhein Main-Neckar residents, label newcomers, or just people we, in fact, personally know (or a combination of the above mentioned). It is our way to say thank you to all label afficionados for the support you gave us in the last years and making our efforts and our „investment“ of lifeblood, time and money worthwhile. We really appreciate your company along the way. Underground will live forever, baby!

We’d also like to thank all artists who participated on this project, to make it happen. Many already had or will have a catalogue number of their own in the near future. So watch out! Hopefully we hit your spots and you enjoy this release as much as we do. Next big thing will be our 50th relase. So please continue showing love for the label and we promise to keep up with the everyday hustle to satisfy you here at Autark.

Artist: VA
Cat. no: ARK40
Release date: 2014/03/06

01. Johnny Lamar – Naturzustand (Dub Mix)
02. TYA & Domi Diewez – Maracas
03. Sven Kerkhoff – Puta Madre
04. Six Inch Voodoo – Franks Impulse
05. Tolga Top – Pimp 2 Pimp
06. Mioh – Amore
07. Kai Limberger – Steamcracker
08. Son-Tec – Let The Bass
09. TYA – People Melting Down
10. Gebrueder Tohme – Getting Lost
11. Six Inch Voodoo – Inbound
12. Kai Limberger – Flowergirl
13. Mathy & Shepherd – Walking With Giants

Six Inch Vodoo – Mellow Mellow II

With the last release in their thirties Autark unleashes the beast once again by dropping some hot Six Inch Voodoo shizzle. Wobbly bassline, synthie sparks and and some alien voice telling you to move butt are the ingredients of this really deep banger. Properly placed in the first third of the evening this will pave the way for a deep and dirty evening. Inhale! On the flip you will find Yoikol. The latest member of the ever growing Autark family and delivers a tasty Techhouse remix of the Original. This one is definitely jacking and pumpin, reminding us of the good old days where house was just house and no one had problems finding a drawer to his/her music to fit in, cos there simply was just one. Well done mate!

Artist: Six Inch Voodoo, Yoikol
Cat. no: ARK39
Release date: 2014/02/20

Six Inch Voodoo – Mellow Mellow

After a very successful 2013 Autark greets the new year with the Label’s own Six Inch Voodoo. After some heavy remix action in the last months the badboys return with an ultrahypnotic, and as the name “Mellow Mellow“ suggests, a really laidback tune for a nice warmup/afterhour bizznizz. A wobbeling bassline, spaced out synth stabs and an alien voiced vocal stirred together,causing a brain vortex that will suck out all bad energies, leaving you dancing with a smile on your face. For the remix Autark once again had a lucky hand, picking the already established Italian producer Gianluca Caldarelli. He takes the original, speeds things a little up, subtracts the space ingredient but adds a techy house feeling that aims directly for the primetime. With its exceptional tool attitude it will definitely keep the tension in your set on the highest level. This is top class without showing off. Welcome to the family nostro amico!

Artist: Six Inch Voodoo, Gianluca Caldarelli
Cat. no: ARK38
Release date: 2014/01/16

Reelow – ComeON

This is it. The last tune of the Reelow trilogy on autark records. „Come on“ is as the title suggest a real order to dance. Reelow goes big on this one. A fat bassline and hammering percussions reminding a little bit of a an older Reboot smasher but this one definitely stands alone. After massive play of the previous Reelow tracks by many globally pimpin DJ’s this one will once again hit those crates again. To top this EP off you’ll get a nice remix package including two new members to the Autark family plus the inevitable Six Inch Voodoo rerub.

First to make impression is the German DJ/Producer Sven Kerkhoff who already released on Kling Klong. With clever use of the Che Guevara vocal he turns the original into a monotonous builder which will surely appeal to all those who like the Rhein-Main-sound.

Remix number two is from the Mannheim based DJ’s Andre Lemont & Marius White. Just having founded their own label Valioso Records, the two producers also take a more minimalistic route and score just because of that. No unneccessary elements, straight up Techhouse music is what u get!

Last but not least are the SIV guys sporting their already boombastic trademark sound. They alienate the vocal, add some shakers and inject the bassline with a poison that’ll keep you awake all night with an urge to rub your feet on the dancefloor.

Check this out cos you’ll never get more bass value than this!

Artist: Reelow, Sven Kerkhoff,
Andre Lemont & Marius White,
Six Inch Voodoo
Cat. no: ARK37
Release date: 2013/12/12

Reelow – Nightmare Remixes

As the year is 2013 is slowly coming to an end, we at autark are still busy bringing quality to your speakers. Catalogue number 36 is here and has some heavy remix action going on. Reelow’s super successful „Nightmare“ gets some new clothes. The first remix is from our newest member of the autark family.  The Tunisian based Yazeed delivers a supertribalistic- bootypumpin Techstomper that will have the crowd bouncing till the break of dawn. Welcome and well done, friend! The second remix once again comes from the ultradynamic Six Inch Voodoo. Kai Limberger and Blast SL stick to the atmosphere of the track but add some fine bass power and fitting vocals which produce a dancefloor compatability that will emerge best at prime time moments. SIV duz again and again! As a bonus you will get the already released (but only for buying the whole ARK34) dub version of our man Reelow on top. Grab this bomb or get blown up!

Artist: Reelow, Yazeed, Six Inch Voodoo
Cat. no: ARK36
Release date: 2013/14/11


Reelow – Nightmare

After the massive success of „Animal wives“ the Hungarian Reelow drops another one on
Autark. This evil slammer even makes Whodini’s „Haunted House of Rock“ look old. Sinister voices, insane sounds and a thunderstormlike bassline create such a tense atmosphere that you can almost touch it. This is definitely made for the morning hours. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourself for a bizarre ride to the Darkside. Once again our friend from Britain, Ben Grunnell,does the remix. The title „moonlight rework“ keeps the promise and does illuminate your clubnight. Not as twisted as the original and a little more peaktime oriented, this one is so huge that Autark’s headquarter is still trembling from the bass action going on. Watch out for his own EP on Autark later this year! As a goodie for those of you who buy the whole release, Reelow kindly did a Dubversion of his Monstertune. Do yourself a favour and get them all!

Artist: Reelow, Ben Grunnell
Cat. no: ARK35
Release date: 2013/18/10

Six Inch Voodoo – The Return Of Marty

After some massive remix action in the past months, Six Inch Voodoo returns with sizzlin hot twotracker. “The Return of Marty” is a percussive tune with some wicked synth stabs reminiscent of the early 90’s Frankfurt techno sound. It builds up over the whole track length, leaving the crowd as high as your nextdoor’s pipehitter. Is it a bird, is it a plane? Whatever man… get hooked on this! “Quiet Daze” is a chilled out jazz teaser for your early evening or open air warm up crate. But don’t be deceived by the relaxed feel of the track, there’s the that ruff slamming kickdrum, that will remind you that your boots were made for dancing. And that’s what you gonna do. The release might surprise some of you, as Kai Limberger & Blast SL show a different side of their production skills. But both choons still have SIV written all over. Welcome to the next level!

Artist: Six Inch Voodoo
Cat. no: ARK34
Release date: 2013/09/29