Reelow – Nightmare Remixes

As the year is 2013 is slowly coming to an end, we at autark are still busy bringing quality to your speakers. Catalogue number 36 is here and has some heavy remix action going on. Reelow’s super successful „Nightmare“ gets some new clothes. The first remix is from our newest member of the autark family.  The Tunisian based Yazeed delivers a supertribalistic- bootypumpin Techstomper that will have the crowd bouncing till the break of dawn. Welcome and well done, friend! The second remix once again comes from the ultradynamic Six Inch Voodoo. Kai Limberger and Blast SL stick to the atmosphere of the track but add some fine bass power and fitting vocals which produce a dancefloor compatability that will emerge best at prime time moments. SIV duz again and again! As a bonus you will get the already released (but only for buying the whole ARK34) dub version of our man Reelow on top. Grab this bomb or get blown up!

Artist: Reelow, Yazeed, Six Inch Voodoo
Cat. no: ARK36
Release date: 2013/14/11


Reelow – Nightmare

After the massive success of „Animal wives“ the Hungarian Reelow drops another one on
Autark. This evil slammer even makes Whodini’s „Haunted House of Rock“ look old. Sinister voices, insane sounds and a thunderstormlike bassline create such a tense atmosphere that you can almost touch it. This is definitely made for the morning hours. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourself for a bizarre ride to the Darkside. Once again our friend from Britain, Ben Grunnell,does the remix. The title „moonlight rework“ keeps the promise and does illuminate your clubnight. Not as twisted as the original and a little more peaktime oriented, this one is so huge that Autark’s headquarter is still trembling from the bass action going on. Watch out for his own EP on Autark later this year! As a goodie for those of you who buy the whole release, Reelow kindly did a Dubversion of his Monstertune. Do yourself a favour and get them all!

Artist: Reelow, Ben Grunnell
Cat. no: ARK35
Release date: 2013/18/10

Six Inch Voodoo – The Return Of Marty

After some massive remix action in the past months, Six Inch Voodoo returns with sizzlin hot twotracker. “The Return of Marty” is a percussive tune with some wicked synth stabs reminiscent of the early 90’s Frankfurt techno sound. It builds up over the whole track length, leaving the crowd as high as your nextdoor’s pipehitter. Is it a bird, is it a plane? Whatever man… get hooked on this! “Quiet Daze” is a chilled out jazz teaser for your early evening or open air warm up crate. But don’t be deceived by the relaxed feel of the track, there’s the that ruff slamming kickdrum, that will remind you that your boots were made for dancing. And that’s what you gonna do. The release might surprise some of you, as Kai Limberger & Blast SL show a different side of their production skills. But both choons still have SIV written all over. Welcome to the next level!

Artist: Six Inch Voodoo
Cat. no: ARK34
Release date: 2013/09/29

Reelow – Animal Wives

Ooops, we did it again. Continuing with our hunt for quality producers, Autark is more then happy to present you the Hungarian talent of Renato Karolyi a.k.a. Reelow.
Fitting perfectly in the label’s chosen path, Reelow drops a bass heavy Tech stomper with jungle and animal sounds, distorted voices and some rav-a-listic stabs. While Agent Orange was a cruel way to defoliate trees, Renato invented the super-subatomic-bassline that will shake off all leaves with a single boom. Word is bond! Plus it will kick butt on every dancefloor around the globe. Slammer! Autarks own Six Inch Voodoo take all the ingredients and mix it up in a different way, but still keeping the original’s vibe perfectly. With the kickdrum taking a little bouncier approach, this remix will surely feed the same mouths as satisfyingly as Mr. Reelow’s masterpiece. Watch out for more Hungarian bass action in the coming weeks.

Artist: Reelow, Six Inch Voodoo
Cat. no: ARK33
Release date: 2013/09/05

Six Inch Voodoo – Mnah Remixes

After the massive success of the original release of Six Inch Voodoo’s “Mnah”, autark returns with a remix package. First to lay hands on the beast is the up and coming UK producer Ben Grunnell. It took him only a few releases and remixes to develop his already trademark sound, that fits just perfect into the labels release philosophy. Deep and spacy sounds, driving percussions and a really big bassline, that will once again attract DJs from around the world. Grunnell duz it! Remix number two is from Kai Limberger and he sticks close to the original but adds even more driving moment to it. Mixed with some techy sounds, this remix will not only enter the same cases as the original did, but will also appeal to connaisseurs of the harder end of the Techhouse universe. To top this release off, you’ll also get the original which did already proof its dancefloor compatibility! Having a bomb with three fuses, it’s impossible to spark the wrong one. Need a light?

Artist: Six Inch Voodoo, Ben Grunnell, Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK32
Release date: 2013/08/22

Kriece, Kai Limberger – Ginger Explosion

After a while, the Australian producer Kriece returns to release another big one on autark. The kickdrum slams like no other and all kinds of wicked sounds work their way through your brain. Giving you a nice cold shiver down your spine which you will need, cos your feet start to burn, urging to move to this tight banger. Autarks don, the never sleeping Kai Limberger takes the spirit of the original and transforms it into a bizarre ride to Farside. His remix is a trippy experience with enough drive to keep you hardsteppin all night long. This brilliant two tracker defines what Autark’s sound of the moment is: Fat techhouse tunes with a hypnotic twist. Definitely aiming for peaktime usage. Booom!

Artist: Kriece, Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK31
Release date: 2013/07/11

Various Artists – The 30th Release Anniversary

Phheeeew! We ourselves can’t believe that our baby has grown 30. From the first release to this magic number has been a long journey, with many obstacles to overcome. But now we here and proud as fu*k. As your support is present enough for us, we want to give something back to you. A nice little compilation of artist that have already released on autark and some fresh new talent. Aim of our selection is to cover all styles of electronic music that this label is all about. Straight up house music with deep’n techy edges, the way y’all like it.

Thanks to all music connaisseures at home and the DJs doin their bit every weekend that made us come so far. This is for you!

Artist: Various Artists
Cat. no: ARK30
Release date: 2013/06/20

01. (we are sorry, but the artist has revoked the distribution rights)
02. Simon Gaertner – Mexican Stoned Pilot
03. Marcelo Panero – Hay Tabla
04. Johnny Lamar – Shibuya
05. Kai Limberger – Karamba
06. Six Inch Voodoo – JB’s
07. Gebrueder Tohmé – Blow Up
08. Six Inch Voodoo – Troubleshooter (Kai Limberger Edit)
09. Danjo – Una Mattina Siciliana

Six Inch Voodoo – The Get Down Remixes

Oh my god! We promised a faaat remixpack of “Get down” at the end of last year and this is it. To be honest we ourselves are totally flashed by the pure quality of both versions. The Sapporo – born Standard Fair grabs the original, strips off the ruff edges and by that creates a uberpositive groover with an endless pianoline. Make sure you have this bullet loaded when the sun sets in the upcoming openair season! On the B – Side we have a talent from Toronto, Kanada, that till now might has slipped below your radar level. Growing with every release Ricky Syfer is now ready to take over dancefloors worldwide. His trademark bouncyness has already earned him respect from the likes of Marco Carola and many more. Grab a copy of this weapon and see hands faster in the air than your local bankrobber. As a bonus you’ll also get the dubversion of the original that has already had great feedback. All in all you cannot get more value off a threetracker than this. One for every occasion. Support!

Artist: Six Inch Voodoo, Ricky Syfer, Standard Fair
Cat. no: ARK29
Release date: 2013/05/09

Six Inch Voodoo – Frank´s Impulse

Now that spring is finally knocking at our doors, SIV heat up things with this bouncer and drop it like it’s definitely hot. With massive bass, drivin synthline and doggystyled tongue clicks it will be a big choon on dancefloors around the world.

Johnny Lamar takes a more electroid approach for his remix. Percussions are the main ingredient. All topped off with hypnotic stabs. Top class! The Argentinian producer Ignacio Robles gives a new meaning to the word “bassline”. Steady pounding, this will bring soundsystems to their limits. Don’t stand too close to the speakers or your trousers will get torn apart. Although… raving naked is always an option. Don’t sleep on this massive bass package!

Artist: Six Inch Voodoo, Johnny Lamar, Ignacio Robles
Cat. no: ARK28
Release date: 2013/04/04

Kai Limberger – Daydreamcatcher

After several releases for the new project “Six Inch Voodoo”, Autark’s labelhead Kai Limberger comes through with brandnew solomaterial. Showing his production skills with this threetracker. One tune for a differnet occasion. You seldom get that variety on just one release.

“Daydreamcatcher” is an easy going warmup tune. A quality start for the evening. Clubbers get in the club, aim for the bar, order a drink and start tapping their feet to this jazzy little groover.

A good keyword by the way, as the second track is called “Grooveathlete” and really does live up to it’s name. Sporty and bouncy, but also adding a certain deepness to your prime time hustle. The perfect tool to keep dancers where they belong without pushing the limit too obviously.

Last but not least is “Flowergirl”. A track inspired by many of those great synthie pop bands of the 80’s. The neat little melody is the best way to greet the morning sun after a long night in favourite club. It will stay in your ears long after the last track has ended and accompany you home with big smile in your face.

Artist: Kai Limberger
Cat. no: ARK27
Release date: 2013/03/07