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This is it. The last tune of the Reelow trilogy on autark records. „Come on“ is as the title suggest a real order to dance. Reelow goes big on this one. A fat bassline and hammering percussions reminding a little bit of a an older Reboot smasher but this one definitely stands alone. After massive play of the previous Reelow tracks by many globally pimpin DJ’s this one will once again hit those crates again.

To top this EP off you’ll get a nice remix package including two new members to the Autark family plus the inevitable Six Inch Voodoo rerub. First to make impression is the German DJ/Producer Sven Kerkhoff who already released on Kling Klong. With clever use of the Che Guevara vocal he turns the original into a monotonous builder which will surely appeal to all those who like the Rhein-Main-sound.

Remix number two is from the Mannheim based DJ’s Andre Lemont & Marius White. Just having founded their own label Valioso Records, the two producers also take a more minimalistic route and score just because of that. No unneccessary  elements, straight up Techhouse music is what u get!

Last but not least are the SIV guys sporting their already boombastic trademark sound. They alienate the vocal, add some shakers and inject the bassline with a poison that’ll keep you awake all night with an urge to rub your feet on the dancefloor. Check this out cos you’ll never get more bass value than this!

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