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While we all wait for the first warm days of the year, shit is gettin sizzlin’ hot here in Autark Records. Next release is from labelhead Kai Limberger who this time teams up with Mannheim’s DJ old hand Blast SL. Together they’ve created two bass heavy club tools, which come around with distinctive deepness and tight drum programming. Add some witty vocals and there you go. Not with the obvious crowd pleaser attitude, but with a hypnotic understatement that makes you wanna ride the white horse till sunrise (and beyond).

The Aside “All souled out” is a smooth but still techy groover, which starts off with a sweatin bassline finally leading to a huge break.

While “Freebasin” on the flipside, where an oldschool cat drops some serious knowledge about the big C in New York in the late Seventies, has a much ruffer edge to it. A percussive progression that could go on forever.
Kanada’s own Jay Tripwire takes “Freebasin” and creates two slow motion dancefloor beasts. While his “Boom rmx” gnaws your brain with a rusty sawtooth, the “Acid Sprinkler rmx” takes things to a whole new level. Swirlin’ Bass, warped voices and Acid Bubbles all around. Listen, watch headz explode in the morning and you shall understand why he’s called “Tripwire”!

Jay Tripwire
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