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Get Down

The always busy SIX INCH VOODOO boys keep up their constant flow of quality Techhouse choons and drop the second release. Two tracks from Kai Limberger and Blast SL with a remix pack comin at ya in 2013. „Get down“ is the name of the A-side. Bouncin drums, subs as fat as yo mama’s bootie, deep stabs and a vocal hommage to Craig Mack are the main ingredients of this Clubquake. Make sure you drop this on a biiig soundsystem and watch dancers gettin a full body massage from the bass. Hands up is what you get in return.

Ridin the same road but takin the harder exit is „Mnah“ on the digital flip. A powerful bassline and driving percussions make this track an absolute sureshot. Prime time is what we’re talking about. This time no prisoners are taken and the bass bullets hit you right in the dancing feet. Dropped at the right moment this monster will tear the floor apart or get your money back!

Six Inch Voodoo
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