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Mnah Remixes

After the massive success of the original release of Six Inch Voodoo’s “Mnah”, autark returns with a remix package. First to lay hands on the beast is the up and coming UK  producer Ben Grunnell. It took him only a few releases and remixes to develop his already trademark sound, that fits just perfect into the labels release philosophy. Deep and spacy sounds, driving percussions and a really big bassline, that will once again attract DJs from around the world. Grunnell duz it!

Remix number two is from Kai Limberger and he sticks close to the original but adds even more driving moment to it. Mixed with some techy sounds, this remix will not only enter the same cases as the original did, but will also appeal to connaisseurs of the harder end of the Techhouse universe.

To top this release off, you’ll also get the original which did already proof its dancefloor compatibility! Having a bomb with three fuses, it’s impossible to spark the wrong one. Need a light?

Six Inch Voodoo
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