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Pimp 2 Pimp

Nearly no release without a new face in the Autark roster. This time we like to welcome the Berlin resident Tolga Top. Being relatively new to the production scene, he has a short but already very nice discography. „Pimp2Pimp“ is strictly house music with a twist. Claps and sounds waving back and forth plus a driving organ-like loop melody. All topped of with a fitting vocal and there you go. A breeze of cool air in your set that will probably work best at the interface of prime time and the early morning hours. Judge yourself. You won’t be disappointed either way!

Second first-timer on Autark is Wilian Kraupp with a massive remix. Going into a more techy direction, this tune will do more damage than eating an Iceberg Slim backhand. This is straight up electronic music, bitches!

Remix number two is from Kai Limberger (does that guy ever sleep?). He transforms the original into a jumping techhouse groover. With a spacy keyboard area laid over, it will open your mind while you’re giving the dancefloor an intense foot massage.

To complete this superb release you’re also getting the dub version of the original.
Pimpin is easy…

Tolga Top
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