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The Get Down Remixes

Oh my god! We promised a faaat remixpack of “Get down” at the end of last year and this is it. To be honest we ourselves are totally flashed by the pure quality of both versions. The Sapporo-born Standard Fair grabs the original, strips off the  ruff edges and by that creates a uberpositive groover with an endless pianoline. Make sure you have this bullet loaded when the sun sets in the upcoming openair season!

On the B-Side we have a talent from Toronto, Kanada, that till now might has slipped below your radar level. Growing with every release Ricky Syfer is now ready to take over dancefloors worldwide. His trademark bouncyness has already earned him respect from the likes of Marco Carola and many more. Grab a copy of this weapon and see hands faster in the air than your local bankrobber.

As a bonus you’ll also get the dubversion of the original that has already had great feedback. All in all you cannot get more value off a threetracker than this. One for every occasion. Support!

Six Inch Voodoo
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