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Amorgos are the  producers Michael Lorenz and Kai Limberger. they have started a music collaboration in 2009 after meeting through a friends company. .. .. Michael has done a bunch of studio jobs as guitar player and was part of a band project around uwe ochsenknecht as lead singer and ralf zang (producer of jule neigel) on the keyboards. furthermore, he has worked intensively as a studio musician with peter seiler (tritonus) on advertising jingles and performed on several of peter’s new age albums. they also produced and played a common album in the new age area called ‚passage‘ which was released worldwide in 1990 by ice records. in 1990 peter and Michael were the top act of the U.K. electronica. Michael’s roots are rock, funk and blues but he also got thrilled by modern music directions such as new age, house, drum’n base and others. .. ..

Kai has been a house dj and producer since 1994 and runs his own two record labels (autark & autark extra). he also worked for the electronic scene magazine called subculture. kai’s basic roots are rock and metal but he got attracted by house music, in particular minimal by being able to purely focus on variations of rhythms with spartanic effects. he is very interested in other music styles, in particular combining them to create new interesting sounds and rhythms. .. .. together, Michael and Kai decided to start a collaboration with focus on combining acoustic and electronic elements to show their own perception of chillout and lounge music.


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