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Andre Lemont and Marius White

Andre Lemont Vaughan was born in 1984. His musical inspiration based on a perennial career as an Drum n Bass MC in the early 2000´s.

In 2005 he made new experiences in electronic music  and discover his interest in techno music. He started his Dj career in 2010 and since 2011 he worked togehter with Marius White as a talented Dj duo called Andre Lemont & Marius White. Also in 2012 Andre Lemont started  with a new challenge as an producer and in the meanwhile he is a part of the Valioso Recordings Crew Mannheim, Germany.

Marius Weiß alias Marius White is a 22 year old guy. He collected his inspiration in electronic music as an 18 year old guy on the craziest island of the world.

In 2011 he started his Dj career and combined his talent togehter with Andre Lemont as succesful DJ duo Andre Lemont & Marius White. Since 2012 he´s not only a Dj but also a producer. In the meantime he is a part of Valioso Recordings Mannheim, Germany.


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