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Ben Grunnell

A man’s passion can be directed to any art-form, from the contemporary to the underground. In a world full of artistic expression, Ben Grunnell’s clarity of sound resonates clearly and strongly. As a purveyor of electronic music, his musical output is fuelled by the self-fulfilled belief that we all have a message to share.

Classically trained, and both an accomplished guitarist and pianist, Ben’s musical grounding is one of diversity and appreciation. Hours spent performing alongside drummers and percussionists preceded a growing understanding of rhythm and groove, qualities Ben incorporates in his burgeoning production career. Championing a sound spanning the distance between house and techno, strong bass and clear simplistic percussion are never far away from one of his productions.

With releases featured on a variety of international labels, Ben’s productions have garnered instant support from a host of big-name DJs and accomplished residents alike. Chances are, that his sounds will continue to reach your ears from some of the top parties around with the world.


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