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Blast SL

It all started in the the year 1973 when BSL’s pregnant mother listened to Pink Floyds “Dark Side of the Moon” over and over again. Even still in her womb his first memory was the monotonous boom of the bass. He should find out years later that it was only his mother chopping onions for dinner. But anyway, after he was given birth his older brother totally fell in love with the infamous Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn”LP and instead of watching after his babybrother he was just reciting “Faaahn, Faahn auf der Autobahn”. Logopedics point out that this was the sad cornerstone of BSL’s limited vocabulary, with which he has to cope ever since.

At the age of two his parents got divorced. His father had just gambled away the families whole possesions in “Fat Freddy’s Poker crib” after downing two bottles of single malt and being sure to have the hand of his life. He even lost all the Thelonius Monk, Marvin Gaye and Isaac Hayes originals which he always played to his son as part of his “white skin, black soul” educational project. He is now said to still work on this in a secret FBI operation, involving Beluga whales in the seawater-aquarium of Shoreditch, UK.

Having just slipped to the poor side of life, his mother and the two brothers moved to NYC of the mid seventies, where they had relatives. They setteled down in Bedford-Stuyvesant, a poor neighbourhood in the borrough of Brooklyn.
While his mother had to work double shifts to make the familys living, BSL stayed at the house of his Auntie Cynthia in the South Bronx. Sometimes BSL went to the next door neighbour, young Theodore Levingston, cos he had a model railway in his living room. One day BSL was messing around with it, while Theo was watching him. BSL moved the switch of the transformer forth and back and, of course, so did the train, making “scatching” noises. Suddenly Theodore jumped up from the sofa an exclaimed “This is it, y’all!” and stormed out of his flat. One year later he changed his name into Grandwizard Theodore and is known as the originator of scratching. To tell the truth, the only magic this wizard could do, was to make the name “Blast SL” disappear out of HipHops historybooks. Nuff said.

(Some might state that the originator of scratching is Grandmaster Flash, but this is total bullshit, cos Joseph didn’t even have a model railway back then.)

At the end of 1979 the family left the rotten apple and moved to LA, where BSL was put to school in Compton’s elementary. There he became friends with Andre Young and O’Shea Jackson. They had a a great time together, until that day, when O’Shea told BSL that he would never be black, no matter how hard he tried. Angry and frustrated he started beating up O’Shea by hammering a ruler on his head and shouting: “I got a black soul and if you don’t believe it, I’ll beat your ass straight outta Compton!” After that Andre had to doctor O’Sheas goose egg with ice cubes. They should later form the notorious Rapgroup NWA.
Being thrown out of school because of bodily injury, BSL’s mother decided to move to Detroit. During his first summerholidays he worked as a coffee boy at record label called “Metroplex”. His boss Juan Atkins sometimes showed him new records and asked him what he thought about them. But BSL didn’t warm with this sound because it strangly reminded him of someone chopping onions. He even got frightened when one day a group of masked people walked in and assaulted Juan to press records which could only be played backwards. Refusing it, they luckily strolled, claiming to form the „Underground Resistance“. BSL immediately thought, that they would stay “underground” forever. Because the demand for reverse playing records, is the same as double Cheesburgers with the bun in the middle. But what did this young boy know…
Deillusionated by the job situation of Motor City. In 1987 his mother decided to go back to Germany. They found home in a small town near Frankfurt. BSL found a girlfriend and went to dance school with her. Which is where trouble set in again. Because there he met a guy who just called himself “Sven” and the next weekend he took him to a club in the airport of Frankfurt. After a night of drinkin’, freakin’ and high ballin’ he came home 4 pm the following day, he looked in the mirror and instantly knew why this club was called “Dorian Gray”.
The following years are now known as the “confused phase”, because BSL’s memories became quite blurred. He only rembers people with vacuum cleaners on their backs, wearing diving masks, dancing in fog with lights flashing everywhere. And he is, to this day, sure that he heard whistle blowing and people screaming “Acieeeeeed!” Poor is the man who has to carry a psychological burden like this.
In the early 90ies he left FFM to find a place where could make an impact on musical scene himself. So he moved to the city of Mannheim and had his first rented apartment of his own. Shortly after that he met DJ Domingo with whom he shared the same musical affinity: breakbeat music then known as “happy hardcore”. Luckily they had a visionary club town called MILK! where this music was played every saturday. Right at this time he also discovered his affectation for wooden necklaces.
In 1994 he knew that his musical education had to be shared, so that the rest of the world should hear the greatness of his sound. He started spinning HipHop to honor his black soul at a bar called JazzMAtazz in the multicultural neighbourhood called Jungbusch. Which today is a well of stylez and the creative core of Mannheim. Around this time he met the legendary party animal, disco dandy and power ranger “deine Villa”. Still friends today they share the most freakin memories of mankind.

In 1995 he teamed up with “De la Biehl”. The Worms based DJ was something like a mentor to BSL. Together they hosted the HipHop night “Tricky size” in the alternative club “protest”. By the way, BSL is the only known living man, having played under all names this club went through: Protest, Sofix, K2R, iXXs and now O-Ton. If you ever come to vist the small Club, ask for the owner Beo and tell him the password “Gnom” and you might get BSL’s breakfast for champions (consisting of a bottle of beer and a shooter) 4 free!
To speed things up (leaving out many name, parties and locations): In 1998 he met DJ Doobie on the Siberiano festival and after performing a unbelievable 10 min b2b-gig together (the generator went out of diesel), they knew something special was born. They played several gigs for about 2 years before hooking up with Repomatic. By this time they were totally affected by the NuSkoolBreaks virus and were the first crew to drop that shit in Mannheim.
(Maybe some other crew will stand up and claim this title, but they can write their own version in their own Bio on their own myspace site and for now just fuck off and let me finish this whole shit!)
After hosting the fantastic “Delta Force Radio Show” (since 2000 until today) for 3 years, they became one of the residents in Mannheims once finest Tech-clubs “Soho”. Their evening “Cumshot Casino” with the mascot “Cheryll” an inflatable sexdoll, is still legendary around partygoers. An explosive mix of Breaks, Tech and Elektro was the trademark of one Mannheims hottest nights ever. And if you say different, I will look it up and maybe find a pic of you drinking Jägermeister out of her pu**y and send it to your mother! So eezeee, brother…

Around 2004/2005 BSL became resident in the regions biggest club “Loft” and is still there until today. In last 15 years he has played with so many local, national and international DJs, that naming them would go beyond the scope of this page. He’s even sometimes playing with himself, but you can’t see it, cos the DJ-booth is too high.
With the years BSL has ripened like a barrel of whiskey. His nice blend of techy tunes is always worth to raise a glass. Cheers!


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