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For over 15 years Danjo has been part and parcel of the electronic music scene in the Rhine-Neckar area. Be it as organizer or as DJ, he has an excellent reputation amongst his loyal fans because of his personal and unique definition of electronic music. Starting at the tender age of 15, he was filling private and illegal parties with impulsive techno and rollin’ breakbeats. During that time he started organizing his own parties in different locations. One  day there came this huge 2Step&Garage fever from the British Islands which Danjo celebrated with like-minded people every Wednesday at the SOHO Club and so carried the sound well beyond the city walls of Mannheim.

Another project, which took place in the Soho Club as well as in different off-locations, was the event series Red-Kitchen-Club. Playing together with three friends, this project was very popular in Mannheim’s night clubbing scene over the following three years and in this time Danjo developed a multifaceted style of house music. Again it was the right time to start a new project. With his DJ-colleague Shoebee he founded the STEREO621 parties, which became very popular during the next years. Throughout the past few years Danjo has done more and more gigs, both national and international (Australia, Thailand, Italy, Ucraine) which speaks of his ability to find the right track at the right time and keep the party going.

Danjo was also able to gather experience while working for the music mag Subculture for four years. In 2010, together with his cousin, he founded the club 2Raum in Schwetzingen/Heidelberg.  For over two years this was the place where you found mature, danceable und high quality electronic music.

Danjos current party projects are “Lido ‘lectro… House am Fluss!“ and „Sonntagsrauschen… Fluss, Vinyl & Sandalen“. Lido ‘lectro has been taking place at the “Strandbad Mannheim” during the summer months for over two years now and it’s one of the places to be. Sonntagsrauschen is his newest project and will be located at “Playa Del Ma” this summer. Furthermore, he just founded the Deephouse-Duo “Rauschgold” with the Saxophonist Emtu Live Sax and they’ve already played at different venues like the Pley!-Festival and at the famous Loft Club.

With all these responsibilities Danjo still found the time last year to start working as a producer and is about to release his first track “Una Mattina Siciliana”, which will appear on Autark Records very soon. His willingness to celebrate the moment together with the clubbers and to turn the night into something special is always rewarded with frenetic partying. With Danjo, you always have to be ready for the extraordinary and for him there’s nothing better than seeing the exhilarated surprise mirrored in the happy faces of the party people. Danjo In Your Ears… In Your Brain!!!


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