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Gebrueder Tohmé

Since 2008, the Tohme’ Brothers, Abed (38) and Ahmed (28), have enriched the Rhein-Main regions’ electronic division with their thoroughly picked treasury of songs. The trace of their roots leads us from Beirut, Libanon up to Schwetzingen, Germany, where the conquest began.

The first step is always the hardest could be the fitting element here, but the Duo is revealing their talent to the public very rapidly. Their repertoire consists of renowned artists such as Johnny D, Nick Curly, Butch and Aka Aka. Starting from a simple and known principle of turning your hobby into your job, they have stepped out of their basement into the light within only a year.

Music is only the medium, what really brings us to the pleasure of this ear candy, ready to be shared with the world, is what they make of it. This enterprise, dedicates wellconceived and imaginative Sounds, that the audience witnesses, delivers us an acoustic spring. Their sound addiction has no limits! This electrifying journey brings us to groovy Tech-House Tunes ranging from deep to melodic, opening up an extraordinary colorful world.


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