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Israel Kling

„One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.“ Originality and determination are part of the work done by Israel Kling, its focus is to make people feel his music and that somehow can feel happy.

Assiduous researcher of new sounds, new rhythms and a unique sound, since from its 18-year-old, Israel seeks all this formula in their productions, seeking the best of Techno and House twofold constantly growing. A new producer that is increasingly seeking to improve their knowledge.

Another important point is the way Israel handles its sounds. With a lot of national and international influence, their sound is seeking a single eccentricity. Groove is essential to him, both in presentations, as in the productions, having a good response from the public.

Brazil is growing a lot on the issue of electronic music, making big festivals, bringing renowned artists from around the world, thus the producers here have much work ahead. Israel invests in a style not as explored in Brazil, but believes that will follow the progress that is taking place.

Being one of the new artists, big news and lots of good music to come!


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