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Marcelo Panero

Marcelo Panero is an Argentine DJ and music producer. His career began incidentally at age twelve when a DJ at a school party stepped away from the turntables and asked Marcelo take over. A few days later, Marcelo and a friend bought their own music equipment and began deejaying for friends’ parties and at school functions.

That was in 1993, and he has been deejaying ever since in his hometown of Bahia Blanca and in several other cities throughout Argentina.

By 1998, Marcelo began experimenting with different sounds, producing megamixes and remixes. In 2002 he took his musical experimentation to a higher level, infusing house and techno music with 70s rock and 80s new wave, while blending in Latin rhythms, rock melodies and underground beats. The alternating groove sounds create musical tension that keeps people moving.

In another project, Chelo’s Mood, Marcelo experiments with more traditional melodies and soothing sounds such as progressive and house music.


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