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Mathy & Sheperd

A symbiosis is defined as the association of two different species which is beneficial for both partners. A myriad of examples shows that such cooperations can as well bear fruits when it comes to electronic music.

Florian Mathy & Nick Shepherd both favour the deeper sides of house & techno and when playing together something new and sometimes unexpected is about to happen.

This collaboration formed 2011 when Mr.Mathy & Mr. Shepherd met in the worlds techno-capital and soon came to understand that their style and taste really complement each other. Since then they had appearences in some of Berlins more „of the track“ clubs & bars.

The closest way to describe their musical approach would be: percussive, deep, driving tech house & techno which is 100% percent dancefloor compatible and allways tries to deliver something special and unique.

Both driven by their passion for electronic dance music and the berlin based club scene are about to push things to the next level.


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