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Lars Werner, born in 1989 in Mannheim, well known as Mioh, already became a constant in Mannheim’s club scene. Gaining the first experiences in music by playing piano and guitar, Mioh decided in 2006 to replace the instruments with turntables. After practising for one year, Mioh got his first gigs in 2007 in Mannheim & several clubs in the surrounding area. The adventurous kid Mioh travelled in 2008 to the continent Australia to stay there for one year to gain more skills.

Mioh’s style to perform consists of a mix of underground house music, techno and even some deep sounds. In 2012 Mioh became a member of FTBYS. – Fatboys Events & Booking. Ambitious Mioh had his first releases on Animar Records, Result Recordings and further releases are expected. He is a greedy guy, willing to push things forward and knows how to create a special vibe where he performs.


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