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Monthy Nolan

Tibor Csuvár also known by his stage name of “Monthy Nolan” , was born in Baja, Hungary the 25th of August 1983, and is currently residing in Budapest. Tibor’s passion for the electronic music started from 1998, where he would be mainly influenced by the sounds of Sasha and John Digweed. Despite of his love for these two international stars, the local Hungarian club scene would also catch his attention with artists such as: Kühl Tamás and Zsankó Péter.

All this mix of influence would motivate Tibor to be the artist behind the booth and the music. Unfortunately, at the time Tibor would not have access to all the equipment needed, and would work really hard to make his dream come true, which he has successfully achieved. This led Tibor to start producing music in 2004. Tibor loves unique electronic music, but also keeps an open mind on other genres which makes his own production nothing but quality.


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