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Fernando Farias, a native of Mexico, has been passionate about music for as long as he can remember. Shortly before the digital age, he spent his childhood collecting cassettes and recording the music of his favorite artists. He was never interested in playing with toys or kicking a ball, no, technology and computers were the toys of his childhood.

At the age of 16, he began to attend festivals of electronic music and psychedelic trance marked his life.

In 2003 he started mixing in small raves and became wrapped up in the local electronic scene and quickly started playing in various cities of his own country. His first encounter with music production was in 2006, experimenting with psytrance and tech house. Sound and taste was refined and he decided to make a sound project call PULSEK.

PULSEK is a sound project without defined gender and alternative trends, not subject to a specific musical genre. Production ranges from Industrial Techno, to ambient and experimental music. Like the Earth, with its days and nights, summers and winters, their sound is a mixture ranging from dark and hypnotic rhythms to soft and melancholic melodies. It is an attempt to express in tones and rhythms what in words has not been possible.

The idea of merging the use of new multimedia technologies (audio and video) to create an audio-visual experience, is one of the goals of this project. PULSEK synthesized in his music is the result of the search for evolving new sound experiences


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