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Rick Syfer

If you mention house music in Toronto, one of the more talked about names you might hear is Ricky Syfer. Born into a family where art was a big part of everyday life in the household, Ricky discovered his passion for music at a very young age. As a kid, he started off recording his own mixtapes on cassette players and teaching himself how to play instruments. The more his passion for music continued to grow, he realized he wanted to further his DJ career by exploring other opportunities. It was at this time he made the move to Toronto, a city where talent and underground house music go hand-in-hand.

Ricky Syfer was quickly discovered in 2009 by one of the most prominent house music promoters in Toronto at the time. He began playing boat cruises and afterparties that summer and was instantly recognized by the underground scene as becoming one of the city’s most sought after DJs. As the locals danced away to his eclectic mix of groovy baselines and spanish-infused flavours, they wondered “where did this guy come from?”

That same year, he was invited to Beirut to play at the infamous club The Basement, which was an experience he would never forget. He began holding monthly residencies in Toronto’s favourite clubs including Footwork, The Guvernment, and the world renowned afterhours club, The Comfort Zone. As the underground scene in Toronto continued to explode, Ricky quietly made his way from behind the decks to the studio, gaining support from recognized artists from all around the world. Toronto locals began following him to every party, dancing away until the early hours of the morning. Since moving to the city, he has played alongside the likes of the Junkies, Davide Squillace, Tim Green, Barem, Luca Bacchetti, Coyu and Paco Osuna, just to name a few…

His inspiration manifests from his ever-growing passion for music coupled with the opportunities he has had to play alongside some of the most well-known international artists in the industry. As of summer 2011, Ricky has decided to spend more time in the studio to focus on his production. His quiet persona has had people wondering what’s next to come from this young rising star.


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