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There are people who had been consciously guided to improve their musical skills at a very early age. Taking themselves quite seriously they had learned to play several kinds of musical instuments by the time they could barely walk… well, the ever-grinning, always-joking Snilloc is just not one of them. As a little nasty child he was listening to fable records all the time. His affection for vinyl may have come right from this passion. Maybe not.

Born in Hungary, Gabor Nemethy aka Snilloc started djing at the age of 18, and has made his way all the way long, with hard work and never-easing enthusiasm. Only one year later he became resident at Club Nevada while playing around the whole country and beyond. After becoming a well-known and respected DJ, in 2002 he realized that playing music was no longer enough for him, and with much verve he started to make his own music. His career raised to the next level when in 2003 he stumbled upon his new partner, Behnam.

When they started working together, a whole new world opened up, and they got the chance to prove their talent to a broader audience. They visited the best clubs from London to Tokyo, leaving a night to remember wherever they played. In 2009 he and his friends founded their own studio called Groovejack Studio. As a gifted producer he showed his skills on many releases. He worked with Andrewboy on the album ’Dirty Dance’ which was certified Gold and also won the Hungarian Fonogram Award in 2010. He also worked with names such as Hot X, NewL, Coyote and many other respected names from the Hungarian scene. Their works as Collins & Behnam were released by labels like Global Underground, Intec, Noir Music, Recycled Loops, Yoshitoshi, Suara, Rotation, Autist, Titanium, Supreme Entertainment, Recon Warriors, AnalyticTrail, Naked Lunch, Baroque, YO!, Kazoo Records, Onward Recordings, Alphabet City, Sublime Records and Relatives. He also did the studioworks and reworks for Compact Disco’s album ’Stereoid’ which won the Hungarian Fonogram Award in 2011.  Recently he started working with Hungarian artist Nigel Snortel under the name of CrossNineToll.

Snilloc approaches each dancefloor with a kid’s enthusiasm and an adult’s mature taste for music. This killer-combo conflated with his excellent sense of humour make every occasion unforgettable, because only his music is better than his adorable jokes. And honestly, this is something.


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