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Vedda and Tholen

These guys met rather coincidentally. On a work-related trip (they both work in the same industry) they were staying in adjacent rooms at the same hotel, but neither of them had any idea about who the other guy was and what was about to unfold. Vedda (@ndy S.) had brought some of his equipment on this trip, as he does quite regularly. When he began to do some mixing in his hotel room, the sound of his beats and bass traveled through the wall and straight into Tholen’s ear. Tholen was intrigued. What he heard coming from next door was not just any odd commercial tune, but the kind of electronic music that he himself loved and produced. Tholen stepped outside his room and knocked on Vedda’s door. Vedda answered the door with a pre-meditated „Alright I’m sorry, I’ll turn it down.“ Tholen looked at him, then looked over Vedda’s shoulder and at his equipment, and said dry wittedly: „No no, turn it up.“ And that was the begin of a great friendship and collaboration of two guys who are addicted to the same type of electronic music.


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