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Vick Echo

Viktor Darabos, known as Vick Echo, has had a strong relationship with music since his childhood. He was already drumming at just 5 years old, then improved himself further on piano at music school. As he grew up and experienced different music styles, hip-hop stood closest to him. In high school he composed hip-hop music, which was popular with local hip-hop fans. He was 16 years old when he first played in a famous club and became infected with a love for house music. That’s when he started to collect mixes and tracks of Hungarian and international DJs. Later he decided to come up with his own music, something he typically liked. With an elementary music editing demo-program Vito composed his first track and from that moment on there was no stopping him. He wanted to taste the DJ-life also, so he collected bakelite discs too. Thanks to local, well-known DJs he could perform at an Easter Party as the headlining DJ to great response from the audience.

Now he is the frequently-heard guest of the Roxy Club (Bonyhád) and other nearby private evenings as well. Vito has continued composing music and today, with many ”publications” behind him, he makes electronic music, especially in progressive, tech house and deep tech-house styles. The first edition was a remix in 2007, on Spanish label Vesta Records hallmarked by Rick Pier O’Neal. His biggest success was at Tilth Music, with the track “Glistening Heaven” composed with his friend, Dewald. This track was remixed by Johan Vermeulen and was posted on an official mix CD too. On the basis of music publishers’ feedback, nowadays, world famous DJs spin his tracks from party to party. In addition he satisfy a colorful palette of music publishers, such as MANDY, Booka Shade and DJ T. owned by one of Germany’s largest and most famous record label, Get Physical Music, or South America, Marcelo Castelli’s label, the Soulman Music.In the future his main goal is to take the music production to the next level and improve his DJ skills, and he is onthe riseing way with great productions and remixes in 2010 for labels like Get Physical, Tanzbar and others. In 2011 many tracks and remixes like the one for Ozgur Can on Only Records and works for Loco Records, Soulman and other will appear under the name of different publishers around the world.


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