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Wilian Kraupp

“An artist is a reflection of his inner side, and make music it is a way to connect with natural world and its eccentricities.”

To combine ideas with concrete experiences, constant dedication and love of music has being the basic formula that Willian Kraupp is using to express himself.

To carry what he feels, thinks and lives to inside of program it is a hard task and requires a lot of patience, however this music producer has managed it with great fluidity and naturalness when he plays with the elements. His style is in harmony with the growing expansion of Italian Techno, which has in its ambassador one of the most iconic figures of the scenario of the European avante-garde, Marco Carola. Willian also searchs for frequencies of House and Minimal when he produces and playing on the dance floor.

Another important point is the constant boiling that the state of tones and elements are presented in his songs. Will be very difficult to predict with exactitude what is going to happen next, which undoubtedly generates an irresistible attraction by the time of mentally unfold its sonorities. Express yourself it is set yourself free, it is to be with a free mind, it is the beginning of its creation.

Living in the intense and exuberant Balneário Camboriú, one pole of dance music of our country also inspire to dive in this complex world, full of mixes which few people understand.

Maybe this is the real beauty of the underground´scenario, make music for people who actually like it. Considering the first generation of big producers in Brazil, searching for space in a rhythm still little explored in South Brazil, however with an exponential growth demand, undoubtedly adds and makes history.


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