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Yazeed, is a Tunisian born electronic music producer. His passion with electronic music started at an early age. As a teenager, he dedicated all his time to recording and creating new beats using electronic instruments. His passion for music did not stop there; it grew more and more over the time and started believing in himself so that one day he could achieve his dream.

Yazeed was initially inspired from Marc Antona, David Squillace, Jay Lumen, Sante, Philip Bader.. and he was supported by his family and friends which made him more self-confident to believe in his talent as a music producer.

Yazeed willingness and belief hit its crescendo when he started mixing on some local radios in 2006. His successful start with mixing on radios was an impetus for him to start his own career in electronic music production which was fostered specially in Techno and House music.

Yazeed`s career started as a Progressive House music producer when he signed at the first time with DeepSound Records in 2009 and released his single Keep Me in Your Mindí featuring Med Scott in Tunis by Night Vol.11 Album. In 2010, He released his other single ëEl Fenomenoí with Four Peas Recordings. In 2011, Yazeed has signed to Undertechnical Recordings, which he has been releasing all his newly tracks and EPís through, after he moved to produce Deep and Tech house music..

And Thus far, Yazeed`s sturdy eagerness kept him doing well on releasing astonishingly tracks and getting enamored with Deep, Tech and Techno House.


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